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Ozone is a special variation of the element oxygen consisting of three-atoms molecules. It has a very high oxidation effect, therefore it is also known as active oxygen. It is a natural component of our atmosphere.

Pure oxygen (med. oxygen) and an extremely high electric discharge energy make ozone. 1857 Werner y. Siemens used this technique for the production of oxygen. In principle it has remained unaltered to the present day for the production of our medical OZONE = active oxygen.

1. It helps the liver essentially with detoxification.
2. It enforces decomposition of fats (cholesterol and triglycerides). These fats are known to be an important damaging factor for the blood vessels (heart attack, stroke).

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3. It considerably improves the metabolism of the cells, the motor of energy production in the body.
4. It brakes down the level of uric acid, which is the cause of gout and a damaging factor for the vessels, or reduces it considerably.
5. It improves the blood flow, reduces circulation troubles and prevents new problems.
6. It reduces clotting of the red blood corpuscles and thus improves the transport of oxygen and the blood flow.
7. It increases the amount of oxygen available to the tissue and thus leads to a better absorption.
8. It kills many kinds of bacteria, viruses, and funghi and prevents their re-appearance.

Ozone therapy is about 80 years old and has been used very successfully by therapists world-wide. Millions of patients have been treated in different ways.
Injections intramuscular, subcutaneous (i.e. beneath the skin), intravenous and intra-arterial, mixed with blood as a small own blood treatment.
In special cases, it can be done as injections e.g. in pain areas, myogeloses, in joints, around joints and under ulcers (ulcerated legs) in and around varices, capillary varices, and celluliris.
In thousands of treatments especially this form of therapy (which has no side effects at all if it is applied correctly) has had positive effects even with very bad diseases.
Fields of application for the Ozone Therapy
(only the most important ones are listed here):
- hermiated dises
- arthroses of all kinds
- arterial calcification of the coronary arterias (pain of the heart during stress and rest)
- all liver damage due to alcohol or viruses
- disturbed blood circulation in arms, legs (ulcers) and in the brain
- rehabilitation after apoplexia (including paralyses)
- rheumatic diseases e.g. muscle or joint rheumatism, lumbago, ischiatic pain
- high blood fats
- high level of uric acid (gout)
- delayed physical recovery after serious diseases
- additional therapy of cancer (verified therapy success)
- various skin diseases (acne, eczema)
- all diseases of the eyes caused by reduced blood circulation
- migraine
- many kinds of vertigo
- general tiredness.
50 years ago, life expectance was at about 50 years. Today, on average, it is between 70 and 77 years. With old age there is a considerable increase of general changes of tissue, such as calcification of all the blood vessels (myocardial infarction, apoplexia, reduced blood circulation in the legs etc.);
poor oxygen absorption through the lungs; general failure of the defensive systems of the body and cancer.
Since the reasons for increasingly negative changes are a bad oxygen supply and a poor metabolism in the cells, the ozone-oxygen therapy is absolutely able to delay the damage (diseases) considerably or to prevent them completely due to its testified biochemical and physiological effects.
Since this therapy has improved or healed thousands of diseases of this kind, it is highly recommended to protect oneself as well as possible against such diseases and to achieve a sure healing at a beginning stage. Especially the treatment of a disease in its beginning stage should be supported, since most of the patients only turn to ozone therapy in a late stage of their disease, when no other form of therapy can show any hope.
Should your personal disease not be listed in this brochure, please ask your therapist whether an ozone therapy would be helpful in your case. He/She will be glad to inform you in detail.